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The Top 5 Reasons to Invest a Property in Berkshire

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Purchasing a home is a big decision not only because it requires a big amount of money. A home is a place where you want to raise a family, provide them a good future and make them feel secure. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain a sense of fellowship through the community, civic associations, church groups and schools. This is the reason why you need to take several considerations when buying a home. If you are looking for a friendly neighbourhood with lovely sceneries, it would be a wise decision to invest a property in Berkshire.

Berkshire County is a beautiful region situated in South East England. It is known for its magnificent historical sites and magnificent gardens. It became even more popular because Kate Middleton, the Princess William of Wales, grew up in Buckleberry, a charming village in Berkshire.

Why Invest a Property in Berkshire

Berkshire County has lovely communities, several fun activities and superb schools to send your children. It also has plenty of historic and romantic attractions, allowing you and your family to have an exciting afternoon stroll to relax and to bond.

1.      The Berkshire Castle. Berkshire is home to Windsor Castle, the oldest and inhabited castle in the world, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth resides. Built a thousand years ago during the time of William the Conqueror, a visit to Berkshire Castle allows you to have a peek of its beauty and get fascinated with the stunning treasures inside.

2.      The historic St. George’s Chapel, situated within the area of Windsor Castle, was built by Edward IV in 1475 and took more than 50 years to finish. The remains of the 10 royal monarchs of England were buried in this chapel.

3.      Parks and Theme Park.  

·         The Legoland Theme Park offers 50 interactive rides, building workshops, live shows, driving schools and other attractions that children from 3 to 12 years old will surely enjoy.

·         The Living Rainforest is ideal for nature lovers, where you will experience walking among the birds and butterflies and amid the tropical plants and trees. It has a café, a shop and a parking area.

4.      Shopping. If you invest a property in Berkshire, you will find that shopping and even dining out is great at High Wycombe. You only need to take the bus and you will see plenty of restaurants and cafes in this area. There is also the Eden Shopping Centre, located near the bus station.
The Oracle Centre is the place to shop for popular street brand items. It also offers stylish and fashionable bars, cafés and restaurants. It houses the 1,800 seating capacity Vue cinema with 10 modern screens.

5.      Eton College is an exclusive school for boys founded by King Henry VI. Member of the Royal Family and 18 British Prime Ministers studied in this college. Its historic and stunning surroundings and buildings were used in some movies, such as Chariots of Fire, Shakespeare in Love, Mrs. Brown and Casino Royale.

These are just a few of Berkshire’s splendid sights and attraction, making it a wise decision to invest a property in Berkshire.

Terraced properties were the major Berkshire sales last year, with an average price of £282,191. Detached properties were sold for an average price of £558,101 on average, while the average price for flats is £216,241.

Invest in a property in Berkshire now and let your family enjoy nice and quiet living, taking you to history and scenic views.

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