Thursday, January 08, 2015

Busting the Myths of Facebook Paid Ads

In spite of Facebook’s popularity as a renowned social networking platform, its use as advertising platform is still misunderstood by many folks out there. You will come across with a number of myths about its efficiency and usability and some people even have different myths about the paid advertisement on Facebook. All these myths need to be dispelled especially if the advertisers are to wake up to enjoy the advantage it offers.

You can't measure paid advertisement success on Facebook
The paid advertisement on Facebook has been always undervalued, prompting the advertisers to pull budget. However, if the placement of the advertisements is not measured aptly, then how one can know if this social site is working in favor or not!
In fact, there are a wide variety of tools that advertisers can use today including, tracking conversion on site through Facebook Pixel. This tool enables the advertisers to see which convertor has clicked or viewed the ads on Facebook. Atlas is another important tool which is a third party ad server and it is known to track the impressions and clicks on paid media. Simply by implementing effective marketing attribution, advertisers can easily and precisely gauge the performance of their paid advertisements on Facebook.

All Facebook users are created equal
You must keep in mind that the users of this social networking site use this platform in different ways. Some of the users like promoting or complaining their brand interactions on this platform, while some users are simple voyeurs who get influenced by their friends, but don’t tend to return again. If you ignore this reality then your marketing activity on this platform is doomed to fail indeed.
Some of the users prefer interacting with some paid ads and then leave the platform to conduct research into what they have seen before making a purchase from the marketer’s website. Simply by utilizing the option of last click, the search engines receive the credit for conversion, but in actual the conversion commenced on Facebook, which is ignored always.

Views don't matter – only clicks
It is already confirmed that increased ads frequency on this social site greatly leads to increased propensity to convert. So, views matter a lot compared to the clicks. But, it is very crucial to understand and know the exact frequency level which is accepted on this social site. Little and huge brands often miss the chance to represent the ads that are likely to draw attention and simply get a click. Too high and people will tune out in sake of finding fresh creative ads to drive engagement.

Facebook adverts are only effective if they reach consumers immediately
Facebook must be considered as the long-term marketing strategy because the value of this platform lies in its incremental impact the time. You may purchase test performance and design controlled experiments to find out which variables exactly impact user behavior and make use of them to create more effective paid advertising strategy for success.

So, hopefully some of your doubts regarding Facebook paid ads have been dispelled. You may keep on searching for latest tools and techniques to determine the ads performance on Facebook and to reach highly engaged users.


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