Thursday, December 31, 2015

Homes for entertaining this New Year

To bring in the New Year with a bang, you want the perfect pad to entertain your friends and family and celebrate the dawning of another year. Barton Wyatt, the award-winning estate agents Surrey, presents a selection of the best homes for entertaining this New Year:

The Ridge, Wentworth Estate

This Georgianesque style house is a grand and spacious home close to the centre of Virginia Water. If your friends are coming from far afield then being close to the M25, M3 and M4 motorway networks plus Farnborough and Heathrow airports is a bonus.

When your guests arrive, they will no doubt be impressed by the gentle slope of the long private approach to the house, bordered with pristine grass and Georgian style lanterns. This property has a visible 'no expense spared' finish. Invite your friends to sleep over in one of the six bedrooms - all with en-suite bathrooms for even the most discerning guest to prepare for the night's festivities ahead.

You are spoiled for entertaining space in The Ridge. The layout lends itself to contemporary living with an enormous kitchen/breakfast/sitting room and a more formal living and dining room plus a beautifully fitted study. Perhaps you can even watch the chimes of Big Ben on the big screen in the cinema room or if you're feeling brave, heat up the outside pool and have a midnight swim under the stars whilst the champagne corks pop. You can be the proud owner of this glorious home for £8,750,000.

Wellington House, Wentworth Estate

This virtually brand new residence was completed in 2011 to an exceptional standard in this superb location. The property offers in excess of 11,000 square foot of luxury!

This is THE house in which to have a pool party - you and your guests will be amused for hours in the sports and leisure area, with its large indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi and sauna. The pool area is just off the kitchen so popping back to the fridge for a refill will be no problem at all.

After a night of celebrating in the pool, Wellington House has ample reception rooms to dry out and toast the New Year. As the evening progresses your fellow partygoers can enjoy cocktails in the large drawing room and spread out into the dining and kitchen/breakfast rooms.

Time for bed and the grand staircase leads up to seven en-suite bedrooms, so plenty of room for everyone to stay and let their hair down.

Located on the prestigious Wentworth Estate you will be the envy of your golfing friends with the superb golf and leisure facilities on your doorstep. Wellington House is also situated close to the village of Virginia Water with its excellent array of boutique shops, varied restaurants and the mainline railway station. On the market at £7,450,000.

Windsor House, Wentworth

There is no need to squash your helping hands into the house for your New Year party at Windsor House: the property comes complete with over-garage staff accommodation so your poised party professionals can be on site in their own fully fitted apartment.

This is a very spacious home of 10,932 square feet complete with four large reception rooms, a massive kitchen/breakfast room for casual entertaining and an outside pool. Your guests will not know which room to fill when the clock strikes twelve!

Putting your guests up for the night is not a problem at Windsor House; on the first floor there are five bedroom and bathroom suites, with two further bedrooms and two bathrooms on the second floor.

This stunning brand new Wentworth mansion house is ready for immediate occupation and fully furnished if desired. It is set in a wonderful south facing acre plot in a highly desirable location within the Wentworth Estate, just a short walk from the picturesque village shops and mainline station, and approximately one mile from the world-renowned Wentworth Golf and Country Club.

Situated in one of the most exclusive private roads in Virginia Water with beautiful landscaped gardens, you will be the envy of the New Year revelers for £6,950,000.

Looking for a house ready to move into for Christmas tthen your search is over?

Byways, Ascot

This gorgeous Georgian style mansion sits in a quiet and tranquil private road in South Ascot. The property has six large bedrooms all with luxury bathrooms and is already furnished and waiting for you and your house guests to party. The second floor boasts a cinema room for the latest Christmas block buster.

A wonderfully large kitchen/breakfast/garden room and four further reception rooms will keep you and your guests fully entertained and give lots of space for eating, drinking, games and then sleeping.

The house also has a studio apartment for staff/au-pair over the triple garage and sits within a delightfully landscaped garden of approximately 0.4 of an acre.

The price for Byways is £3,750,000.

If the above houses have got you in the mood for a party contact Barton Wyatt Surrey estate agents on 01344 843 000. Their team of property professionals will be able to assist you with further information or help you find your perfect property to fit your every requirement.


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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Daring Truth for Motivational Speaker Wannabes

Everyone admire enthusiastic speeches given by prominent talented speakers, but what most people are not aware of are the challenges behind the moniker, “motivational speakers”. Several prominent motivational speakers have been heard more than once on stage giving genuine advice which seem to motivate many. People in turn are enthused by these great speeches, and within no time, they think of themselves doing motivational speaking. Well, for those guys who have gone the mile and think they are eligible for motivational speaking, there are quite a number of key rudiments to be noted.

The world runs short of demand
There are many people world over who believe they have something captivating to tell their audiences. If you are on a similar stream, unless your story has luminary tagline, such as being on several talk shows on TV, your demand in the market is low and you’ve got work to do. Your main target as an aspiring motivational speaker is to find audiences with demand. That simply means you have to identify a particular niche where your story fits in well and makes you credible. This can be your neighborhood or workplace. That way, you will be developing your demand to the audiences, starting from where you are recognized and appreciated. You should also realize that payment at this level will not come immediately. It has to take some time to mature.

Demand is a perception rather than talent
Demand for most of those motivational speakers you see out there is not as a result of their motivating power or talent, but their story. That sounds like unfair but remember human species are not rational. They are hired on a perception basis and not possession of the skill itself.

The road to motivational speaking is laborious
The only way for you to get hired to speak at an event is through having being seen speaking at other different events, and delivering commendable results. You can as well make a video of your motivational speech and ensure that event organizers see it. Some may resort to writing books as a way of getting their demand to the peak. That is absolutely right, especially if the books grow to become popular, but bear it in mind that those who take writing books as a way of achieving a different motive usually don’t do credible work.

First opportunity will be on your expertise
Most motivational speakers got their first opportunity to speak to their audiences based on their field of expertise. For instance, sports professionals first get invitation to talk to young athletes in schools. In that case, your field of expertise will most likely be the key to your grace. You will earn more credibility from audiences who share a similar background expertise with you or at least acknowledge your expertise.

Gaining credibility is easier than before
We are surrounded with plenty of social media which you can take advantage of, thanks to the growing technologies from the likes of Google and Facebook. With all these free social platforms, it is easier for you to showcase your talent and skills to the world and draw yourself closer to your destiny. You can create videos and share them on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram among other popular social sites. Tweets on Twitter will also earn you more favor among the eyes of men. However, take note that you are not alone and there are no shortcuts. It takes time to get your talent spread to the rest of the world, but it starts with your community.

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Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Top 5 Reasons to Invest a Property in Berkshire

Article courtesy of Barton Wyatt Estate Agents Surrey

Purchasing a home is a big decision not only because it requires a big amount of money. A home is a place where you want to raise a family, provide them a good future and make them feel secure. It also offers you the opportunity to obtain a sense of fellowship through the community, civic associations, church groups and schools. This is the reason why you need to take several considerations when buying a home. If you are looking for a friendly neighbourhood with lovely sceneries, it would be a wise decision to invest a property in Berkshire.

Berkshire County is a beautiful region situated in South East England. It is known for its magnificent historical sites and magnificent gardens. It became even more popular because Kate Middleton, the Princess William of Wales, grew up in Buckleberry, a charming village in Berkshire.

Why Invest a Property in Berkshire

Berkshire County has lovely communities, several fun activities and superb schools to send your children. It also has plenty of historic and romantic attractions, allowing you and your family to have an exciting afternoon stroll to relax and to bond.

1.      The Berkshire Castle. Berkshire is home to Windsor Castle, the oldest and inhabited castle in the world, where Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth resides. Built a thousand years ago during the time of William the Conqueror, a visit to Berkshire Castle allows you to have a peek of its beauty and get fascinated with the stunning treasures inside.

2.      The historic St. George’s Chapel, situated within the area of Windsor Castle, was built by Edward IV in 1475 and took more than 50 years to finish. The remains of the 10 royal monarchs of England were buried in this chapel.

3.      Parks and Theme Park.  

·         The Legoland Theme Park offers 50 interactive rides, building workshops, live shows, driving schools and other attractions that children from 3 to 12 years old will surely enjoy.

·         The Living Rainforest is ideal for nature lovers, where you will experience walking among the birds and butterflies and amid the tropical plants and trees. It has a café, a shop and a parking area.

4.      Shopping. If you invest a property in Berkshire, you will find that shopping and even dining out is great at High Wycombe. You only need to take the bus and you will see plenty of restaurants and cafes in this area. There is also the Eden Shopping Centre, located near the bus station.
The Oracle Centre is the place to shop for popular street brand items. It also offers stylish and fashionable bars, cafés and restaurants. It houses the 1,800 seating capacity Vue cinema with 10 modern screens.

5.      Eton College is an exclusive school for boys founded by King Henry VI. Member of the Royal Family and 18 British Prime Ministers studied in this college. Its historic and stunning surroundings and buildings were used in some movies, such as Chariots of Fire, Shakespeare in Love, Mrs. Brown and Casino Royale.

These are just a few of Berkshire’s splendid sights and attraction, making it a wise decision to invest a property in Berkshire.

Terraced properties were the major Berkshire sales last year, with an average price of £282,191. Detached properties were sold for an average price of £558,101 on average, while the average price for flats is £216,241.

Invest in a property in Berkshire now and let your family enjoy nice and quiet living, taking you to history and scenic views.

For further help and advice on properties for sale in Ascot, Sunningdale and surrounding areas of Berkshire, please contact Barton Wyatt.

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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Busting the Myths of Facebook Paid Ads

In spite of Facebook’s popularity as a renowned social networking platform, its use as advertising platform is still misunderstood by many folks out there. You will come across with a number of myths about its efficiency and usability and some people even have different myths about the paid advertisement on Facebook. All these myths need to be dispelled especially if the advertisers are to wake up to enjoy the advantage it offers.

You can't measure paid advertisement success on Facebook
The paid advertisement on Facebook has been always undervalued, prompting the advertisers to pull budget. However, if the placement of the advertisements is not measured aptly, then how one can know if this social site is working in favor or not!
In fact, there are a wide variety of tools that advertisers can use today including, tracking conversion on site through Facebook Pixel. This tool enables the advertisers to see which convertor has clicked or viewed the ads on Facebook. Atlas is another important tool which is a third party ad server and it is known to track the impressions and clicks on paid media. Simply by implementing effective marketing attribution, advertisers can easily and precisely gauge the performance of their paid advertisements on Facebook.

All Facebook users are created equal
You must keep in mind that the users of this social networking site use this platform in different ways. Some of the users like promoting or complaining their brand interactions on this platform, while some users are simple voyeurs who get influenced by their friends, but don’t tend to return again. If you ignore this reality then your marketing activity on this platform is doomed to fail indeed.
Some of the users prefer interacting with some paid ads and then leave the platform to conduct research into what they have seen before making a purchase from the marketer’s website. Simply by utilizing the option of last click, the search engines receive the credit for conversion, but in actual the conversion commenced on Facebook, which is ignored always.

Views don't matter – only clicks
It is already confirmed that increased ads frequency on this social site greatly leads to increased propensity to convert. So, views matter a lot compared to the clicks. But, it is very crucial to understand and know the exact frequency level which is accepted on this social site. Little and huge brands often miss the chance to represent the ads that are likely to draw attention and simply get a click. Too high and people will tune out in sake of finding fresh creative ads to drive engagement.

Facebook adverts are only effective if they reach consumers immediately
Facebook must be considered as the long-term marketing strategy because the value of this platform lies in its incremental impact the time. You may purchase test performance and design controlled experiments to find out which variables exactly impact user behavior and make use of them to create more effective paid advertising strategy for success.

So, hopefully some of your doubts regarding Facebook paid ads have been dispelled. You may keep on searching for latest tools and techniques to determine the ads performance on Facebook and to reach highly engaged users.


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