Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Property in Surrey

It is often difficult to find out a living place for your family in a foreign country, be it UK or somewhere else. Certain important factors are worthy to be taken care of while searching for such a place, prominent of them being a suitable school that could provide your kids with more or less the same environment as in their previous school.

Barton Wyatt, Virginia Water’s Premier Estate Agent, comes as the much coveted respited for such needful people and assists them in looking for properties near ACS international school and TASIS, the two most popular schools in Virginia Waters, Egham UK.

These international schools have children from varied nationalities and are not restricted to the students from UK or America only. The fact that these schools are hardly at a 10 minute distance from Virginia Water and Wentworth, the most suitable residential locations in the area, further make them highly preferable among the parents.

Virginia Park and St Ann’s Park are rated to be among the most luxurious residential areas in Virginia Water and to the amusement of the overseas people, these have also the scope of flats being rented out. With Barton Wyatt, finding a rented place in such affluent locations is no more a problem. The efficient team at Barton Wyatt under Jo Parris, the head of lettings division in Virginia Water, carries out best efforts to help the corporate families get a living place in these areas.

The plush locality is studded with some of the most elite facilities like the swimming pool and tennis courts. In any living place, security is doubtlessly the most important factor to be considered before moving in. With these locations being under strict 24 hours security, people can be rest assured for the safety of their dear ones, especially children.

The decision to bank on Barton Wyatt to look out for a property near ACS International School in Egham UK is indeed a smart decision as it solves two important purposes with a single move, the guests can get the most preferred living space and along with it, can also look out for the best international schools for their children.

Summary: Getting a residence of your own choice and a suitable school for your kids, all in the same vicinity in a foreign country is definitely troublesome. However, with Barton Wyatt helping you to find best rental deals in the area near the popular international schools, you need not to wander any more.