Thursday, March 13, 2014

Surrey Demands New Properties

It has often been the trend in England for buyers to seek out older homes on excellent plots in order to knock down and re-build to their own specification and design. In some respect these owners are doing just the same as developers but on a smaller scale.

New home developers today, provide properties, often on brown-field sites, with homes that suit our current lifestyles. This includes apartments for young professionals, starter homes for families and the larger detached properties and town houses for families close to schools and amenities with the benefit of 'all the work being done for them'. Even so, new homes offer the budding DIY-enthusiast a blank canvas on which to stamp their own mark should they wish to. It is a myth that home renovations of older style properties is the only way to achieve this.

Just as a new bespoke Wentworth Estate home in Surrey with all the latest in modern technologies from surround sound systems to ultra modern kitchens, your new home from quality developers can have all the latest technology as well.

It is also possible for buyers to have a say in the property design internally and externally. At one of the new developments in Virginia Water, for example, buyers are able to decide on the layout of non-load bearing internal walls allowing you to tailor your home to suit your particular lifestyle.
A new home today must adhere to strict government compliance rules on build specification resulting in far more environmentally-friendly properties with an excellent standard of finish. Most developers also offer buyers the peace of mind of build warranties.

With interest rates at their lowest mark since the Second World War, those who have been sitting out the recession are now finding themselves financially in a position to move.

With house values overall having also dropped, buyers looking to move up the ladder are finding that they can afford a lot more for their money and so in some cases are out bidding their rival buyers to secure their homes.

Of course with new homes complicated property chains are avoided as you are buying homes without a chain direct from the developer. For many, this is a huge appeal to reduce the 'stress' of moving home.

Here are few reasons to buy 'new':
  • More environmentally friendly than older properties
  • Can include the latest in technology and bespoke additions
  • No long chains to be caught up in
  • Developer incentives and buyer rewards
  • Most come with 10 year warranty protection
  • Homes built to suit peoples' lives today
  • You don't need to renovate to put your 'stamp' on a property, new homes come as a blank canvas­­

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