Sunday, July 14, 2013

Letting Agents Sunningdale

Letting Agents Sunningdale

If you are a tenant looking for a property to rent in the delightful Sunningdale area of Berkshire, you are recommended to contact the local Letting Agents in Sunningdale. You can find their details either in the local papers, by driving around in the area looking for their ‘To Let’ advertising boards or by simply using the internet.

Once in contact with your chosen agent/s, they will ask you many details regarding your circumstances, when you need to move, what facilities you need to have close by and also the budget you have available to spend.  Letting Agents in Sunningdale will have access to a wide portfolio of properties and will take the time to match your requirements to suitable properties.  They will then find a convenient time to escort you to view the property. During the viewing you will have time to ask questions about the house, local area and to understand what is being left at the property. As some properties will be occupied by other tenants, it is always advisable to check which furnishings are being rented with the property and which ones are owned by the current tenant, to avoid disappointment at a later stage!

After viewing as many suitable properties with the Letting Agent in Sunningdale and you are happy with the area and local amenities/schools, etc. you may be ready to make a decision on a particular property. Before making an offer, it is a good idea to arrange a second viewing at a different time of the day than you first viewed.  A good time of the day would be early evening or at the weekend.  This will enable you to see the neighbours, perhaps find out how noisy it is from children and how many cars are parked on the street.  If you have any questions about the area, now would be a good time to chat with the neighbours and ask their opinion.

Once you are happy that you have made the right decision on your chosen property, contact the relevant Letting Agent in Sunningdale and make your interest known. Let them know how much you are willing to offer, how soon you can move in and the length of the tenancy you require.  If there are any items that you need added to the property or any maintenance that you feel needs addressing before you move in, now is the time to mention it.  Once your offer has been accepted, you should receive a letter confirming this and any additional requirements that have been agreed.

Once you have completed and passed a credit reference check with the Letting Agent in Sunningdale, you will be expected to sign a tenancy agreement and pay the final balance.  Upon completing this paperwork, you will normally attend a check-in with an independent inventory clerk where meter readings will be taken and the house will then be ready for you to move into. 


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