Thursday, January 03, 2013

FF InformEnter contender for Chrome

Can a little extension/add-on tie millions of browser users into sticking to 1 browser religiously over all others? The answer is absolutely. Just as the users of a little FF add-on with the name of InformEnter.
A lot of Firefox users will tell you that they will not switch from Firefox even though it does not feel as streamlined as Google’s Chrome, and InformEnter is one of the main reasons why.
I have been one of the few who made the jump. I won’t go into the details why. And, have been searching for a suitable alternative in the Chrome extension library without any luck.
Eventually I came across a Google discussion forum where a little extension called FormBox was proposed.
One contributor commented: “‘FormBox is the chrome equivalent of InFormEnter. Although it is not as efficient as InFormEnter but it does basic things.”
The creator of the extension acknowledged the inspiration from IFE as well.
I have tried it immediately, and was pleasantly surprised. Even though it has a number of optimisations to take care of, it automates most of the mundane stuff.
A big thumbs up from me.
If you’re interested search in the Chrome extension library, or click here:


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