Sunday, September 02, 2012

What do Visual Merchandisers do?

The job description of a visual merchandiser can be described as creating retail window displays and point of sale arrangements for the department stores. The visual merchandiser takes responsibility for ‘the look and feel’ of the shop. And their primary goal is to promote the merchandise and services in order to maximise sales. In other words, visual merchandising is a lot more than dressing mannequins.

The professionals update the window displays and the themes regularly. They take into account a number of ingredients while deciding on the store themes. The key factors range from the key events in the year, such as Christmas and Easter to the current fashions trends, and from promotions to the sales.

Visual merchandising experts decide how a shop and the merchandise in it are presented. They cover the whole range of tasks; including the design and creation of store window displays as well as ensuring a consistent style and layout inside the store that maximises sales.

Many big retail stores and chains tend to employ a visual merchandising team. However, most of the smaller shop owners and managers either try and take on this role themselves or perhaps employ a professional on a part-time basis. Or, they tend not to spend any time or effort on visual merchandising.

If you are in the third category, you may need to rethink your strategy as there has been a lot of supporting evidence about how much the visual merchandising can help increase your sales and maximise your profits.

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Visual Merchandising

Are you aware of the latest trend in the retail industry? Why do you think that the retailers are focusing on developing effective visual merchandising? Why is there such a high demand for the visual merchandisers?

Visual Merchandisers

Particularly in these fragile financial times, the shop homeowners may try to keep away from the designers/ visible merchandisers; fearing further costs. However in actuality, with skilled steering, the retailer can filter out expensive errors and saving time. The article beneath will disuss, intimately, the job of the visible merhandisers.

Visual Merchandizer

In promoting retail products, both the visual merchandisers as well as the show designers utilise their intensive design skills in promoting the products, image and services. In some ways, the roles of display designers and visible merchandisers have a lot in common


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