Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dallaglio Flintoff 2012 Cycle Slam update


Excellent luch toda with the rest of the lucky Virgin Media team to participate in the Cycle Slam.

Shame I missed the official lunch party last night, but I was busy cycling back home from work :)

We had an excellent lunch by Pizza Express (one of the sponsors of the Cycle Slam). And we meet Lawrence and Freddie. They are very genuine guys, and have a lot of stories to tell.

I have also learnt that the training rides every weekend have some excellent riders (mention of Tour de France) providing really good tips and advise.

We also had some pictures taken on our own and with Mr Dallaglio and Mr Flintoff. I was a bit embarrased when I put the cycling shirt back to front for the pictures.

Also, the guys are actually built-up and tall. I didn't realise until I stood in between the 2 for the photos.

Everyone was very passionate about the good work that
  • Dallaglio Foundation
  • AF Foundation
  • or Virgin Unite
carry out.

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