Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dallaglio Flintoff 2012 Cycle Slam Update (Hill Training)

#fb Excellent session today of hill training and distance. Best so far.

In the morning, I had a 3 hour session with 5 hills (total climb of over 2000 ft) and around 35 miles of ride in just under 3 hours.

Had a quick lunch with the family at Braywick so that they didn't forget who their daddy was :)

Then I had another ride in the afternoon of 1 hour and 45 minutes to Old Windsor.

In total I seemed to have racked up 56 miles and over 2170 feet of climb:

Still a long way to go yet but and encouraging start after 10-11 days of training.

I feel comfortable with the long but not-sharp climbs. But I am not sure if my gears and the ratios will see me through the actual climbs. I'll need to get some advise.

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