Monday, November 21, 2011

Blacberry Wifi causing DoS attack on Corporate Account 40960 40961

I have been having this weird problem at work with my laptop, where the account keeps getting locked out every so ofter.

Having looked through the logs, I keep seeing multiple 40960 40961 EventIDs, which says due to too many faied loging attempts my account got locked out.

After manycalls to the helpdesk and trying many things, I am still non-the-wiser.

Given that I don't have any admin rights, the life is even more difficult.

I have turned off the wireless on the laptop, closed off various software packages. But the darn thing is still happenning.

Interestingly, I completely turned off my laptop, and logged onto a desktop from another desk. And, abra cadabra.... the same thing happened.

I then turned my attention to my Crackberry. I checked everything but couldn't solve the problem.

Now, I have completely removed the corporate Wifi details from the Blackberry Wifi list. I am hoping any praying that that is the problem.

Wish me luck and watch this place...


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