Monday, October 26, 2009

Liverpool back on track

The Man U win was a big turning point for the rest of the season as they actually played well and deserved the win unlike several of the previous games. Especially doing without influential Gerard was very significant.

Mascherano/Lucas combination in the midfield was the key. Mascherano allowed Lucas to push forward, which the Brizillian seems to prefer. This begs the question why Raffa has been insisting on the Gerard/Lucas duo, which prevents Gerards to push forward. I would definitely put the Argentinian next to the captain. He is one of hte best defence-minded midfielders in the world.

Unfortunately they are still 6 points behind Chelsea.

Looking at how many games the top teams have lost so far this season, I certainly would not write Liverpool's chances off. However, they need to build on this going forward, and have no more slip ups against the lesser teams.

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