Saturday, June 06, 2009


Winding Instructions for Rolex and Other Automatic Movement Watches.

Instruction #1
For most watches you must first unscrew the crown counter clockwise (12 O Clock Direction). The stem will spring out by itself. Rotate the crown clockwise about 30 revolutions. This will give the watch an initial pre charge. If you do not wear the watch on a daily basis you will need to charge your watch as it will de-wind as it sits. While wearing the watch the kinetic movement maintains the watches power and keeps the time and charge. You will never need to replace a battery as the watch is fully mechanical. We do recommend that you have your watch serviced once a year, as all automatic replicas require. Any watch repair shop should be able to do this for your. Our automatic replicas come with a Japanese Miyoca movement. One of the highest quality Japanese movements in todays market.
Instruction # 2
Please Pull the Screw of the Watch Right till the End until you can move it freely where the Minute and The Hour hand also moves freely. Once you’ re at this point, please push the Screw in gently until it goes slightly inside. At this point you will be Rotate the Screw Freely but the Minute and Seconds hand will not move anymore while turning the Screw. Once at this point, please turn the Screw of the Watch in the 12 O Clock Position (Upwards Position) approximately 10-15 times. While performing this step you will hear the machinery inside the Watch gearing up against each other. Please note that if you hear a very Smooth noise or do not hear anything at all that means you are winding the Watch incorrectly. You need to perform this step once in a while (Once in every 2-3 Days) since it helps keep the watch running much longer than when you do not wind the Watch at all and make the Watch move by Shaking the Watch alone

Setting Date and Time.

Please unscrew the crown (setting knob) of the watch. Turn the Knob from up to down (downwards) you will feel the knob loosen and then it will pop out gently.
Pull out the pin very gently and turn downwards OR upwards in some watches to set the date. If you have a Day and Date watch turn upwards to set the day of the week.
Please make sure you push turn the pin tightly because most cases of Water Damaged watches are caused due to the pin being screwed up not tight enough.