Thursday, May 14, 2009

Office Fit Out

You need to move to a new office, and that's a real bottleneck for you and your company. Do not worry about it, because REVO will handle it for you, the only thing that you need to do is just to imagine. Yes, you're the best to know your needs and imagine how they should be and we are the best to make it real for you.

Thorough assimilation of the brief and grounded construction knowledge enable us to integrate efficiently into the project whether at pre-planning or construction stage of the

Our experience in office fit out, office refurbishment, office design and office relocation and our position in the market ensure that we are able to build a project team from highly respected industry leaders and because we are not affiliated with these companies, we are able to select them on best to fit basis as per their potential value to the actual project.

At REVO we have an in-house core team of professionals that combine industry experience with cutting-edge technology, know-how and skills in office fit out, refurbishment, design, relocation and construction services. In addition to this core team we augment the depth and breadth of our offering by tapping into our network of highly trained specialists and valued Sub-contractors in office fit out, office refurbishment, design, relocation and construction services. As far as you are concerned, the process is a seamless one, coordinated and overseen by one of our Contracts Managers.

Acting as Principal Contractor, with a dedicated team, we coordinate all elements of an office fit out, office refurbishment, design and office relocation project from understanding the brief, and we provide a service on a turnkey basis.

As Principal Contractor we are committed to delivering office fit out, refurbishment, design and relocation projects to time and budget with a minimum of disruption to our Client’s business. The end result being working environments in which we share our Client’s pride. We believe the REVO difference is the key point, therefore 75% of our business is preferred by our customers repeatedly.

We like to challenge ourselves at every stage of the creative processes of the office fit out, refurbishment, design, relocation and construction services, and continually strive to ensure that the buildings and spaces that we develop embrace innovations in planning, structure and technology.

The REVO promise isn’t simply a collection of words, it really does stand for something valuable that the REVO created in this marketplace. We offer our clients a personal and seamless service by ensuring consistent senior management involvement. This single point of contact enables us to coordinate all elements of the project, design, construction, relocation, and our Clients to chose their level of involvement.

R - Reputation : REVO pays uttermost attention to its REPUTATION as it's more valuable than earning money.

E - Excellence : REVO focuses on EXCELLENCE in its services, as its valuable customers.

V - Value : REVO adds VALUE to its services, so to its customer's needs.

O - On time : REVO believes that your time is valuable as its is, so meets its responsibilities ON TIME.

In short, we do REVO.