Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Before last night's Champion's League game, I had a feeling that the game was going to finish 1-1.

When the game started, I got a little more hopeful about Liverpool's chances. Liverpool really outplayed and outclassed Chelsea on the night. Liverpool players seem to believe that this cup belongs to them. They showed some belief and determination that I haven't seen from them for a long time.

Although people are ridiculing me, I have been telling them that I believe we can beat Chelsea at the Stamford Bridge. People have been throwing a lot of stats at me in support of their argument that Liverpool cannot beat Chelsea in London.

My counter argument is that Chelsea has a tough game against Man United at the weekend whereas Liverpool can rest the whole first team if they wanted to as they literally need only 1 point from the remaining 3 games to guarantee the fourths spot.

Also, 1-1 is still not a bad result to go away with. Chelsea will be as much on the edge as Liverpool as only 1 goal for Liverpool can change the whole game, especially if they can score first. Even Chelsea scores the first goal, Liverpool still has everything to play for.

Anyway, let's hope that my wild guess is correct and Liverpool can go through to the next round but beating Chelsea.