Monday, November 19, 2007

EURO 2008

Before the weekend, I told my friends that England would get a chance for qualification after Israel beats Russia by 2-1. However, everyone was in doom and gloom.

The bottomline is that noone can imagine a tournament without the English team and supporters present. So, the footballing gods smiled on England. Now, it is up to the England team to seal their faith by beating Croatia.

In the same context, the Turkish team had their own destiny in their hands. They had to beat Norway in Norway and they managed to do exactly that by 2-1.

I think on Wednesday England is less likely to slip up than Turkey. When the groups were drawn, I couldn't believe that Turkey's luck. They couldn't have ended up in a weaker group but they made it very very difficult for themselves.

So, if I had to bet on the last games and if one of the teams couldn't qualify, I'd probably bet on Turkey losing out because of their incompetency.

Anyway, let's hope that both teams qualify and we'll have a trip to Austria/Switzerland next summer.