Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2010 world cup draw

FIFA World Cup European Qualifying : Group Five Table

1 Armenia
2 Belgium
3 Bosnia-Herzegovina
4 Estonia
5 Spain
6 Turkey

Can Turkey qualify from this group?

Most analysts in Turkey think that this is an easy group to qualify from and most Turkish people are predicting Spain to be the group winners and Turkey to finish second earning a play-off spot.

In my mind, the Turkish team can even win this group but realistically, I think they're going to make a dog's meal of it.

For sure, as Rafa would say in his interviews :), Spain will win the group. They have enough stars to win enough points to do this. However, they will lose points along the way. This makes life more difficult for Turkey as they will also be losing point against the lesser opponents as well. So, depending on who Spain drop their points against, Turkey may find itself not finishing even second in this group.