Tuesday, October 23, 2007


There has been increased and sustained attacks by the terrorist group PKK against the innocent Turkish people recently. As with any other terrorist group, they're trying to destabilise the Turkish people and cause trouble in the Souther territories.

I have followed in delight that the Turkish parliament has again passed a sensible legislation and voted for cross border attacks in Northern Iraq against the terrorist group if the US or the Iraqi governments do not take any action to weed these people out of the country.

In sadness, I have seen some irresponsible comments on the BBC website from so called "Kurdish" people claiming that Northern Iraq has been the least troublesome area in Iraq and any Turkish actions in the area would put this at risk. I find it utterly irresponsible when the Turkish Republic welcomed the Kurdish people in the 80s and ensured the security of Northern Iraq for years.

It is also ironic to see the US government warning Turkey not to take any action along her borders where the US invaded Afghanistan and Iraq for much flimsier grounds and both countries are thousands of miles away from the US.

I hope the Turkish Republic do take necessary actions to stop the violence and I fully support them. I do not think there is any other Turkish person who wouldn't.