Friday, March 02, 2007

Media winners and losers

Virgin vs Sky

The recent fights over the pricing is not going to help either company. Sky seems to have a stronghold on the popular programmes and they feel threatened but the new and shiny Virgin Media but I don't think they're helping their own cause by these actions.

BBC has just announced that they've reached an argument with Google and Youtube. I think this is they've made a giant leap and this will prove very useful for the future. BBC has also proved that they're willing to change and keep up with the cutting-edge technology.

Channel 5
I think Channel 5 found a goldmine in CSI. I am sure this is increasinng their rating a lot. Also, Five US is letting us view a lot of handy programmes, such as US boxin, NBA etc without having to pay for it.

They're also heavily trying to get people involved in their news etc. I think this is a very good initiative as well.

Unfortunately, ITV seems to be heavily betting on reality shows and ITV2,3,4 doesn't seem to have much substance behind them. I wish they'd reduced the number of ITV channels and improved the quality a little.