Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wold's strongest man 2007

It's a shame that they've moved the program from BBC to Channel 5. The presenter is not as good unfortunately, neither is the format.

Anyhow, it was a closely contested event with quite a few new events for the World's strongest man competition. I suspect lifting the odd-shaped stones etc. might have been used throughout the circuit before but it was good to see it at the top level.

Unfortunately the final was a little disappointing for me. There was really only 2 people going for the title although it wasn't decided until the "Atlas Stones", which is always the last event.
Mariusz Pudzianowski looked underprepared and gifted the title to Phil Pfister. I must give credit to Phil though that he won 4 or 5 events. Mariusz didn't look as hungry for the title as he did before. Phil was the man with desire.

The highlight for me was to see Odd Haugen, competing in the final. The remarkable story is that Odd is 56 years of age and still performed well against people probably half his age.