Friday, December 08, 2006

Free anti-spam filters for Windows

It's not as difficult to find free and legitimate software on the internet anymore. The open source society is working wonders out there and some of the software you get is almost as good as the packages you have to pay for.

So, I was looking for an open source anti-spam software the other night. A simple search in Google would bring up thousands of links, and mostly about free trials but eventually I came across a comparison site. I think my main 3 options were the MailWasher, the Spamihilator and the SpamBayes.

After reading up on these 3 options, I decided to go for the SpamBayes due to its ease of installation and significant similarity to Norton AntiSpam for use.

It is also using some clever "learning" techniques based on what you class as "junk". For the geeks out there, it is using some clever ase Bayesian algorithms to do this.

Anyway, just installed it and getting it tested at the moment, I'll report more on the outcomes.