Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Turkish entry discussions on hold due to Cyprus

What a diabolical decision on EU's behalf.

Quite recently, UN comes up with a proposal of uniting the island. The Turkish side accepts it, the Greek side rejects it.

The EU then awards the Greek side full membership while keeping the embargo on the Turkish side. In response to the the Turkish Republic decides not to open its ports to the Greek Cypriot side as the issue is nore resolved yet. But, its negotiations halt due to EU forcing this issue.

I think Turkish Republic is better off not entering the EU. The Turkish people have had enough of the begging and being told off and the double standards. Just take a look at the human rights argument that is being dictated to Turkey. How laughable is that? Are the human rights really so much different than any other so called "Westernized" country? Does Turkish government hold "terror suspects" without charging them almost indefinitely? Do the Turkish scientists get killed mysteriously for telling the public that there are no "weapons of mass destruction" is Iraq? Does Turkey support unilateral war on "evils of axis" without the UN support?

The EU need Turkish Republic more as a member state than Turkey needing to enter the EU.