Monday, June 26, 2006

England is in the quarter finals

England has made it to the quarters yet again. Although the opponents were one of the weakest in the knock-out stage, England's improved performance was the encouraging part of the game. For England fans, the better news is that their quarter-final opponents Portugal cannot put their strongest team on the pitch after the nail-biting game against Holland last night. The refereee must have been one of the worst I've seen in the tournament, almost par with Graham Poll :)

So, he ended up sending 2 Dutch and 2 Portugese players for 2 yellow cards. I believe he has shown 10-12 yellow cards during the game.

By the way, around 32nd minute, I told my friends that England would be scoring in the 60th minute. Some may call it a lucky prediction but I claim that I predicted that based on how the 2 teams played up until then.

Anyhow, let's hope England can carry on improving their performance.