Saturday, June 03, 2006

England and World Cup

There is such a build up to yet another big football tournament by the English, mostly fuelled by the media and the commercial expectations. You can probably find an English flag themed product ranging from footballs, shirts, socks, to dog outfits.

Anyway, again, the expectations are very high to win the World Cup.I'm watching the Jamaica game right now and the score is 5-0 to England but I don't personally think England will even make it to the final based on what I'm watching right now. This game should probably be 8-0 t England but the team just don't like a Wold Cup winning team.

I do wish all the best to the English team and I will be supporting them all the way as the Turkish side couldn't make it to the finals "yet again" :( but I don't think the manager is good enough to take this outstanding team to the final.