Thursday, January 05, 2006

Epson scam

I've been using an Epson RX500 printer at home. This is a replacement as the first one had to be replaced after 16 months or so. Luckily it was still within the warrenty period. Guess what, after 18 months of usage, this one has a fatal problem as well, identical to the first one.

Looking through the forums on the net, I don't seem to be the first one or last to see this. The printer says something like some parts of your printer are at the end of their life, service required. When you call up Epson helpline, they tell you that it would cost you too much to repair it and practically advise you to get a new one.

However, it seems to be a case of an internal counter reaching a limit in the printer rather and any obvious problems.

Anyway, I found a way of resetting the counters in the EPROM on the net. All I need to do now is to clean up the ink pads.

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