Monday, September 05, 2005

Eton Excelsior Pubs and Clubs Regatta

Our crew, Oarsome, proved to be one of the favourites from the start by beating Norfolk Enchance even though we had a shaky start. In the quarters, again, we rushed a lot in the first 100 metres; lost the lead. Then we somehow got it together and beat the other team. Now we were in the semis against one of the other favourites RG30. As usual, we had a shaky start but then got the rythm soon and caught up with the other crew. This put more pressure on them and they lost the bottle. One of their crew came off his seat and they threw the towel in. This was our best performance though. For 300 metres we were perfect. In the final we were racing against another Nortel team, Salad Dodgers. We were in our least favourite boat, Tuffley. We were all over the place during the race, everyone catching crabs. We eventually lost the race by 1/3.

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