Sunday, December 10, 2017

Is Surrey Property Still a Good Investment?

It’s fair to say that 2017 has had a bit of an impact on the doubt of property investors. We’ve seen a lot happen with Brexit, the mortgage tax-relief removal for high-end tax payers, stricter lending rules for big buy-to-let investors and the scrapping of stamp-duty for first time buyers (but only for property less than £300,000). It’s been a crazy year! Yet, you shouldn’t lose confidence in your investments, and certainly not on property in Surrey.

At Barton Wyatt, we’re consistently seeing investors buying all over Surrey, from property in  Upper Longcross to Windlesham, and this hasn’t faltered despite the events of the year. Here’s everything you need to know about why Surrey is still a perfect place to invest your money in property.

Halt in Capital Property Investment
It’s true that the city of London has been hit slightly, with property investment slowing and less enthusiasm on the market to take property in the capital. There are a number of reasons for this, including rising property prices, cost of living and a dislike of the busy city life. But, with this outflow from London, many are moving to areas that are far enough out of the city to not be impacted by the high prices but close enough to make a commute bearable. One of those spots is Surrey.

An Increase in Demand
This flood of city dwellers escaping to the welcome tranquility of Surrey hasn’t gone unnoticed on the property market. In fact, in just 10 years, most areas have seen a base increase of over 30% on all categories of properties. Flats in Tandridge have increased a huge amount, rising 56.8% in price since 2007.

This steady increase in house prices is set to continue. It does make sense, as prices continue to rise in the city (both property and living costs) and it becomes a less desirable place to live, Surrey’s popularity ever-increases. This means that, if you buy property as an investment now in such a hot-spot, you can be pretty certain that the price of that property will increase over-time at a good rate.

Worrying Over Nothing
Everything we spoke of at the very beginning of the article, such as Brexit and tax-relief cuts, seems to have worried people for no reason. In fact, despite the apparent bleak outlook, the reality of the UK’s property market is very different. House prices have seen an inflation of over 6% in the most recent Hometrack report, in spite of Brexit and all that happened after. So, any doubts you may have about these things have no evidence to back them up – it’s quite the opposite!

If you’ve realized what a great investment Surrey is right now, whether you look to buy property near Upper Longcross, Virginia Water or anywhere in our beautiful county, get in touch with us at Barton Wyatt. We’re experts in the Surrey property market and can help you with finding the right property for your money and offering any advice you may need. We’re always happy to help!


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Monday, September 18, 2017

Why Hire Sports after Dinner Speakers for Your Next Event

If you are planning an event such as a conference, sportsman evening or a charity event, then hiring sporting after dinner speaker is the key to making your function a success. There’s a lot to what sports after dinner speakers can do which are beyond the entertainment aspect accompanied with the speaking.    For that matter, as an event organiser, choosing from the vast types of sports personalities for your function is certainly a flawless accompaniment to the event as their motivational speeches make the event a great night for every attendee. It also delivers on the investment of the attendees, increases number of members to your organisation as well as leaving the attendees speaking for months.
The importance of sporting after dinner speakers can never be estimated and the following are highlights of some of the benefits to get you started.

Making guests part of the event
Sometimes guests may feel very discontented when leaving an event, and the most common reason is usually due to an insipid entertainment. Entertainment in this sense doesn’t have to be good music only. Good sports after dinner speaker will get your guests engaged with a good speech as most guests usually look for an entertaining, enlightening and at times hilarious presentation which is relevant to the theme of the event.

Conveying the theme of the event
Sometimes the theme of your event might be vague to some of the audiences in attendance and using sports after dinner speakers is a great way of conveying your message. This is because most people have a higher affinity for prominent sports personalities and will be more attentive when such persons are speaking. This way, everyone leaves the event with a clear understanding of your event’s theme.

Marketing your event
When a sporting after dinner speaker is invited with their pool of resources, they will help market your event or organisation apart from just marketing themselves to the audiences. These speakers usually have an idea about those people who might have interest in your field of practise but may not have heard about your conference or event. Through their speeches and sometimes showcasing their talent to the audience, your organisation stands to benefit through marketing as well.

Motivating the attendees
Probably your attendees will be tired after spending endless hours on breakout sessions, as their heads are pumped with so much content for them to process. At the end of it all, they’ll expect a dose of wisdom and some encouragement to face their challenges in the outside world. The only better way to do that is through someone who will give them a bigger picture and help them realise how they can implement what they have obtained from the event in their daily encounters. A sports after dinner speakers will certainly help you realise your motive.

Creating long lasting memories
Creating long lasting impression is certainly every event host’s objective, and the only better way to do it is through sports after dinner speakers.  These speakers create an impact of the festivity of the event in attendees’ minds that will leave them talking about your event for months.
There are certainly many other benefits of hiring sports after dinner speaker for your next event, and you will ascertain that the benefits outweigh the costs involved. However, selecting a speaker also has to be a carefully planned and researched process. The speaker must have knowledge on how to inform masses, ability to inspire, desire to motivate and most importantly they must have the wits to entertain. 


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Spindle Moulders Can Make DIY Jobs Easy

DIY woodworking can be fun and innovative at the same time- provided you’re making yourself aware of the right ways in which you can do it. A DIY coffee table or side table might not as well seem like a tedious assignment to start off with – but you would still be advised to turn to valuable safety tips or to design ideas made available on the internet and magazines.
DIY woodworking is a favorite hobby of many out there. However, not many are able to shell out the time required for such exploits. However, if you’re fortunate enough to turn your woodworking schemes to a reality then make sure you’re keeping these points in view.
You should find out about the basic tools that you would required to carry out a particular project. Block pane, screw-driver, circular saw, table saw, hammer, cordless grill, spindle moulders are a few of the oft-used woodworking equipment needed. Only learning about the usage of these tools is not sufficient. You also need to acquaint yourself with the safe usage and storage of these tools. For instance, while using a spindle moulder, you would also like to utilize its safety accessories including guides, guards and jigs among others. Similarly you would want to store these tools (when they are not in use) far away from children. Not to forget, that the selection of tools will depend on the scale of the woodworking project. While screw-drivers and hammers are used for almost every project – big or small, something like a sliding table saw is only used for bigger projects.
DIY woodworking is definitely cheap. However, you should not really go on to undermine the importance of taking the financial considerations into account. You might as well want to check out and compare the prices of the woodworking tools made available by different stores. When you’re opting for more refined tools, you should be prudent enough to check out the credentials of the store offering them – so as to ensure quality.
It is extremely important to ensure that you are chalking out the design of the project before starting work. If you’re too confused about the design at present, make sure you’re turning to the magazines or YouTube videos for some inspiration. If you’re not in favor of imitating styles, then you can use them just to get some ideas and incorporate them in your project.
DIY furniture can transform the entire look of your house, provided you are embarking on a large-scale project. DIY furniture is not something which you would see in every home. And, at the end of the day the entire experience of indulging in such activities leaves you with a feeling of fulfilment- since you know that you have crafted these pieces on your own. Make sure you’re keeping these tips in view.
Please contact Sco+Sarg for a wide range of spindle moulder and table saws for sale.


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Friday, August 19, 2016

7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Estate Agents

Finding perfect estate agents is the key to appreciating an effortless property transaction. The adage is "20% of the estate agents do almost 80% of the business" and yes, it's true.
Now, the question is how to find perfect real estate agents? The best real estate agent for you does not inexorably work at the biggest financier. Even the agent does not need to make a lot of money. The perfect real estate agent is an experienced person who will understand you. Perfect agents act in a moral way and know your business sector.

Steps to Finding Perfect Estate Agents Surrey

Here are 7 steps to finding perfect real estate agents 

Step 1: Browse Online for Estate Agents Taplow Listings

There are a lot of sites that will refer estate agents to you. However, that is no affirmation of quality. The estate agents they refer are the individuals who have paid the site proprietors a fee to be recorded in their index. A superior idea is to Google the top estate agents in your location. Go to those sites and look up agents' profiles whose workplaces are close to you. Experienced estate agents will let you know basic information on their sites. But new estate agents may have more time to spend with you. Do not forget to read customer reviews.

Step 2: Narrow Your List

Call the nearby real estate office and ask who the top estate agents are? This doesn't promise that this will be the right estate agent for you, however, it may set you on the right way toward finding a perfect agent to speak to you and your interests.
Another methodology is to ask friends and relatives. Especially in the event that they have recently sold or bought a property, they can give you some suggestions. The logic behind utilizing this methodology is that another person has already had the chance to see the estate agent in action. It will help you to keep away from incompetent estate agents.

Step 3: Ask for Referrals

Most estate agents stay in business on the grounds that happy customers refer them to family, neighbors, friends, and colleagues. Ask the people around you who have worked with the agent, as well, ask them to describe their experiences. Successful estate agents make consumer loyalty their main priority. They put the needs of their customers before their own. Try to find estate agents who go beyond the responsibility.

Step 4: Go to Open Houses

By attending open houses, you can meet estate agents West Hampstead in a non-debilitating workplace and connect with them. You can collect business cards and make notes on them. In case you are considering selling your property, pay consideration on how the estate agent is showing the property. It is safe to say that the agent is affable and useful; seem knowledgeable? Is the agent attempting to sell the features of the property?

Step 5: Track Neighbourhood Signs

Pay consideration on the listing signs. Take a note at the time they go up and the time the sign vanishes. Do not to sit tight for a sold sign because not all estate agents will post that. The estate agents who offer listings the quickest may be preferred for you over the agents with the biggest number of "available for sale" signs. Because results say a lot.

Step 6: Use Print Advertising

Estate agents run advertisements for two purposes. The first is to offer particular property. The second is to promote the agent. Look in your local newspaper for property promotions in your target area. Look up the sites of the estate agents who are marketing. Call and get some information about their experience.

Step 7: Recommendations from Real Estate Professionals

Do not forget to ask other estate agents for referrals. Estate agents Gerrards Cross will be cheerful to refer purchasers and sellers to their associates, particularly if the service you need is not a strength of the estate agent who is referring you. Some estate agents experienced in private resales while others work only with new home manufacturers. Different Many estate agents offer only business or investment property. Professional estate agents have a tendency to refer experts like themselves.

Bottom Line: In the event that you are a purchaser, you need to work with Buyers Agents. Similarly, in the event that you are a seller, you need to work with somebody who is knowledgeable about representing the seller. All estate agents are not expert in working with sellers and buyers. So you have to ask specifics.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Seven Points to remember for after dinner speaking

1. Identify your spectators
You can't just stand up and start speaking. You need to determine where your audience is sitting, how they are outfitted, what are their ages, the ratio of men and women, and the nature of the occasion.
So, before going to speaking you need to do the homework. For instance, if you are going for speaking in any aerospace company, so, you must have the knowledge about aerospace, you must know about the company and other critics associated with it. Sometimes, you might be speaking to the erudite audience, so don't underestimate that they are anything but.
2. Entertain your viewers, not yourself
There shall be spectators that will oblige you to be politically right, and it might please you to be politically incorrect, though you're there to offer preference to your viewers, not to tired them over the top or disappoint them. If you're going to be a bit lively, first confirm with the individual you are going to tease.
3. Be sober
You want your intellects about you. I haven't got a sip of wine. Not a sip!
4. Converse before 11 pm
Public talking is about power - yours as a performer and theirs as a viewer. At 10 pm, they might be smooth. By 11 pm, they might be tired.  Criticism is easy to treat with if you are an old fellow: if the viewers have caught the criticism, then reply to it, sharply and rapidly.
5. Don't be imposed on a scripted text
Don't go to speak with a script instead adapt to the situation. Use cards with important points mentioned. In the break, go through the point you have written and read through the prepared materials. Keep cards in your pocket so you can keep an eye to your viewers.
6. Don't get nervous
It took about 120 second to catch the audience and pace yourself. Stand at the front, take shoulders back, head should be high and stomach must be in. Look at the audience until they are silent, then communicate with clearance, conviction and friendliness.
7.  Don't outstay your welcome
No one will complain you that your speech was very short. People usually want you to speak long as they want to worth for which they have spent the money. Try to talk for 45-60 mins as it is the average time range not to feel the audience that your speech was short or too long to make the audience exhausted. But you should entertain the spectators, not the bookers.

The greatest speeches are similar to the top theatre. There is amusement, and there is a tragedy. You make the spectators cheer and also you can touch their hearts, target them emotionally you can see a tear in the eye. Often end speeches seriously and try to amuse people.

Public often think an after dinner speaker and sports speakers must entertain and there has to be a lot of laughter, but you should remember one golden rule that if you're speaking to doctors, don't make jokes about doctors – they might have heard and will feel bored.


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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Man Utd vs Liverpool

What a nail-biting UEFA Europe League last 16 second leg match.

Man Utd had the perfect start with an early goal through a Martial penalty. However, they gave away the initiative to Liverpool when they let Coutinho magical goal just before half time.

With the clock running down, the pressure is mounting on Man Utd's game with at least 3 more goals to score.

On the other hand, Liverpool is relaxing more with every minute going passed.

Looks like the end of the road in this competition for Man Utd.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Liverpool vs Manchester City

What a game this is turning our to be!

After Sunday's Cup final defeat to Manchester City, Liverpool have come out of the blocks very fast.

And, they have already scored 3 goals without scoring so far.

Especially with Arsenal and Spurs being against the ropes in the other games of tonight, perhaps the fairy tale is continuing for Leicester City.

From a Liverpool perspective, though, this is probably one of the best performances of the season so far.

Lallana seems to have played to the potential he has been promising so far and Flannaghan, the scouce Kafu, has had a blinding game against Sterling. Sterling's substitution at half time can only be attributed to Flannaghan.

Let's hope this performance continues against Man Utd in the UEFA cup game next week.

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